New Product >> Perfection Wax - Limited Edition

New Product >> Perfection Wax - Limited Edition
New Product Announcement : Kleers Perfection Wax

Release date : Summer 2013

Price : £325.00 RRP

Details : Kleers Perfection Wax has been created as the ultimate wax and protection for your paint work. This limited edition product is being manufactured in a very small number, with only 100 products being produced.

Perfection is as it sounds, the highest level of wax that has been carefully designed using a sophisticated combination of carnauba wax, montan, beeswax and specialist polymers to produce one of the most high-tech hybrid products that Kleers has released to date.

Encased in a one-off CNC machined aluminum casing top, anodised and further machined to include the product branding, this two part case has a nylon base [ a collectors piece all of it own ] which when opened reveals a hard wax resin of 80ml of product which can be applied by hand or machine polisher.

Perfection has been designed as a final treatment of your paintwork provides endless depth and shine to a highly polished surface and its unique case is just an indicator of the quality and exclusive nature of the actual product that can be used to cherish your vehicle.

For more information and to pre-order this exclusive product from Kleers, please contact us to add your name to the pre-release customer list.