Kleers Aero Performer

Kleers Aero Performer

After more than 2 years of development and testing we are pleased to announce that Kleers Aero Performer is beginning to fulfill its purpose with the exciting news that it is now in full use by front running Grand Prix teams having previously been run in various levels of GT and sports car racing around the world.

Developed to dramatically reduce foreign objects [ rubber tyre marbles and insects ] sticking to the surface of racing cars, maintaining aero dynamic performance and preventing additional weight during a race, it also serves as an efficient surface drag reduction agent. Proven with independent wind tunnel testing, Kleers Aero Performer provides an average reduction of surface drag by 1.4%.

Launched in the summer of 2012, Kleers Aero Performer has only just began its exciting journey within the racing establishment as a increasing number racing teams with aero-sensitive cars discover Aero Performer.

Example applications include :Grand Prix,LMP1,LMP2, Stock Car,ALMS,GTE,Indy Car,F3.

Aero Performer also has many uses for improving airflow, including outside of motorsport including Aerospace, Military and green energy applications. For a detailed presentation and to learn more about Aero Performer, please contact us

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